July 15, 2010

Oh crap, not again?

I apologize

My computer graphics card apparently took a spill so I am without the ability to update the blog at the moment. I shall return very soon! Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Looking forward to your return Jeff.Until then may I present a fun question to the 'blogster's'?

    OK...What do JRS II and Elvis Presley have in common?

    If you have the tome "Alias Sopy Smith" the answer can be found on Pages:582&583.

    If you do not have the book...you should get it.It's a wonderful journey.


  2. Howdy All:The following is something I came across in the enjoyable tome:"Saloons Of The Old West" by Richard Erdoes p.94:

    "Cocktails and mixed drinks found their way into the roughest six-gun country.Roy Bean,the law west of the Pecos,was not ashamed to make egggnogs for special customers.
    Soapy Smith drank "giggle soup"....snow cooled Pommery Champagne----at the burial of a friend in Creede Colorado".

  3. I know Soapy and the boys drank Pommery at Joe Simmons grave service but I never heard it called "giggle soup." Very interesting indeed.


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