June 30, 2010

Jeff Smith's Parlor ad

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Jeff Smith's Parlor ad 
Skaguay News 1898



  1. Friend Jeff:I hope you had a grand and meaningful time at the 'wake'.

    Jeff,I am sure I don't just speak for myself....when I say...when you are able to update the blog...it will be greatly appreciated.

    No big rush....just hurry up...LOL

    I believe there is still much to learn about this fascinating man,and his compatriot's.....and his adversaries.

    Indeed,a most interesting era in American history.

    My best.

  2. Friend Rich.

    The Wake was a great success! Unfortunately my computer grafics card took a dump so I am unable to use my home computer. I am also in the midst of another move so once that is all taken care of I shall return to this blog. You are correct in saying that there is plenty of new information to learn about this fascinating character criminal of the Victorian old west, and I plan on bringing it all to you asap.

    until then my friend.


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