June 20, 2010

Roscoe Ates as Soapy Smith?

Stephen Lodge over on the True West forum had this to say.

"I can't help picturing the late actor Roscoe Ates every time I see the name Soapy Smith. Soapy Smith was the name of the character Ates played when he co-starred with Edie Dean in one of those old PRC B-westen series."

Roscoe's character name is Soapy Jones.  Now I can't be positive that they borrowed the name Soapy from the real one but it sure looks like it to me. It is enough to post the story here.

(From Wikipedia)
From 1946-1948, Ates appeared as the western character Soapy Jones in fifteen films, including Colorado Serenade, Driftin' River (with Shirley Patterson), Stars Over Texas, and Tumbleweed Trail (all 1946), West to Glory, Shadow Valley, and Wild Country (all 1947), and Check Your Guns, Black Hills, Tornado Range, The Westward Trail, and The Tioga Kid (all 1948). His Soapy Jones character is the sidekick to the "Singing Cowboy" portrayed by native Texan, Eddie Dean (1907-1999). Thereafter, George "Gabby" Hayes employed archival footage from many Soapy Jones films in his 1950s children's television series, The Gabby Hayes Show.

More on Roscoe Ates can be found on the IMDb site.

Thank you Stephen.


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