June 20, 2010

1892 hand drawn map of Creede, Colorado

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Artifact #16 is a hand drawn map of Creede, Colorado on Denver and Rio Grande Railroad stationary drawn by an associate scout of Soapy's in early 1892 to reconnoiter a potential invasion of the Soap Gang. It consists of a crude layout of the land, mines, and owners. At the top is written, 

“Last chance every thing takin and Develope  more or leasse.” 

The map seemed to show little possibility of obtaining real estate in Creede, but looks could be deceiving. Soapy obtained not only lots in the best part of town for himself, but for numerous friends as well. The details can be found in my book under the chapter Soapy Smith's Creede.

Map of Creede: p. 201.


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