May 5, 2010

Soapy Smith's wife.

ADDENDUM: It is believed that the fur coat worn my Mary is the infamous seal coat given to her in Skagway, Alaska when she went there to collect Soapy's estate. Some of the grandchildren said she wore that coat until it fell a part.

additional information: May 6

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I received a lot of great digital photographs from family members Mike Moriarty and his daughter Tia. All of them will be shared. Thank you Mike and Tia.

The above photo shows John P. Little and Mary Eva Noonan and two children. Mary is the widow of Soapy and John is her second husband, ironically a policeman. I am uncertain of who the children are although they are surely family. Perhaps members of the family can properly identify them? The photo was probably taken in Wisconsin or Missouri.


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