May 10, 2010

Jefferson Randolph Smith III

Here are some photographs of Soapy and Mary's son, Jefferson Randolph Smith III, from the Mike and Tia Moriarty Collection.

Gay Mathis found his name in the St. Louis registry of births for 1887.

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On June 5, 1917 Jefferson and his brother James Luther Smith filed draft registration cards during the first world war. The card below is Jefferson's and was located by Gay Mathis.

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Jefferson's registration card, filled out by him, is somewhat difficult to read, especially his home address. The rest of the important info is easily enough to figure out.

He was born February 8, 1887 in St. Louis. In 1817 he was on the editorial staff of the St. Louis Star. Four of his nine children were born. My father, John Randolph Smith would be born fourteen months down the road.

  • Joseph Jefferson Smith, 16 Nov 1909 - 29 Nov 1977
  • Joan Wanda Smith, 21 May 1911 - 03 Jul 1963
  • June Catherine Smith, 08 Feb 1913 - unknown
  • Jane Smith, 17 Jul 1915 - 13 Apr 1951

Jefferson checked the box for exemption from the draft due to support for his wife and children. He did not serve in the military. He passed away on January 19, 1952.



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