April 6, 2010

Paul Eugene Smith-Peniston

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Paul Eugene Smith-Peniston
(front view)

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"(Aral) Aunt Kate Smith, sister J R Smith's wife, Paul E. Smith changed
name to Peniston at Washn account too many Dr Smiths in Ga"
(back view)

Another gem from the Kyle Rosene Collection. Doctor Paul Eugene Smith is best known to me as the Smith who changed his last name to Peniston, the maiden name of his grandmother. What a genealogical nightmare.

  • Born: March 5, 1867 Coweta county, Georgia.
  • Died: November 13, 1947 Newnan, Georgia.
  • Spouse: Nora Hardeman Smith (married January 17, 1890).
  • Children: 6
  1. Paul Eugene Peniston II
  2. Joseph Bowdoin Peniston
  3. Sarah Catherine "Sally" Peniston
  4. Ellis Hardeman Peniston
  5. Mary Louise Peniston
  6. Thomas Jackson Peniston


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