April 3, 2010

Addendum #3 to "Historical mistakes can definitely be a plus."

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George Augustus Brackett

*The following is an addendum to a post on April 1, 2010 Historical mistakes can definitely be a plus. Sorry if it gets a little confusing with all the jumping around. History is an on-going adventure at which we never stop learning something new.

enealogist Gay Mathis sent in a link to the Minnesota Historical Society that holds the above photograph taken in 1916.

George Augustus Brackett or Isaac Newton Wilcoxen

Historian Art Petersen is leaning towards the belief that the man on the horse in photograph 37A & B being Wilcoxen. Art writes.

Well, now ... might be hard to say. The ears aren't wrong, the set of the eyes in the head are not wrong, the general shape of the head is not wrong. Even the nose and cheek bones don't seem to me to be wrong. This Wilcoxen photo/painting could have been made before or after he had a beard. Be good to see more of Wilcoxen before ruling him out. Take a look at the poor images of the two together. Do you see anything to make you say, "Definitely not," yet?

I have to agree with Art. We can't rule out either man yet, but there is one thing we all missed. Wilcoxen has a mustache and in all three photographs of Brackett, he only has the beard, sans mustache. I'm leaning towards Wilcoxen.

Thank you Gay and Art.


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