December 26, 2009

Soapy Smith in San Francisco, 1884 part II.

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While researching the names of several bunco men for another post I came across some more clues to Soapy in San Francisco in 1883-1884. There is always the real possibility that the names listed are not that of Soapy's. None the less they are reportable. Two are newspaper listings for registered hotel guests and the third is a passenger list.

  • The first hotel registration is for a "Jeff Smith" at the American Exchange hotel of San Francisco (Daily Alta California, October 31, 1883). This "Jeff" did not list his resident city.
  • The second hotel registration is for "Jeff. R. Smith, Denver" at the Brooklyn Hotel, San Francisco (Daily Alta California, February 23, 1884). Note the period after Jeff"." That is short for Jefferson. That he stated his residence as Denver makes a good case that this "Jeff" is most likely Soapy.
  • The third item is a passenger list "from Point Arena." A "Jeff Smith" from Texas has arrived in San Francisco by an unknown means. (Daily Alta California, December 30, 1883.)


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