December 28, 2009

Quick quotes...

Soapy had recently returned from his first trip to the new camp of Skaguay, Alaska. While there it was estimated he and several of his men made approximately $30,000 in just 22 days.

One "Soapy" Smith is said to have won $10,000 along the Klondike trail by steady application to the shell-and-pea industry, to which he has devoted years of study, acquiring means by which to keep put of jail most of the time. When Smith is at home he is a citizen of Denver, eminent in politics and equipped with a pull quite sufficient for any emergency. But there being no politics on the Klondike his pull there is something of a mystery, and the neglect to hang him must be viewed as inexcusable. —San Francisco Call, September 12, 1897.

pp. 442-43.


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