December 5, 2009

The new Alias Soapy Smith book commercial

"Bungalo Bill," aka Bill Marquardt, a good friend of mine and a fan of Soapy's produced the wonderful video commercial for my new book. I am naturally hoping it will help sales but more importantly several family members have come forward and thought that the video did more than just help sell my books. That in fact the exciting video helps bring the name of Soapy Smith to the fore front of old west history. The following is what I wrote to Bill.

The Soapy Smith Preservation Trust and members of the Smith family asked me to convey to you their appreciation for producing such an exciting video. Beyond helping to sell my book, a family goal is to bring Soapy Smith's name into the main-stream as a viable and interesting character of the old west. You have helped us in that goal. Thank you.


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