December 23, 2009

More on Henry Marshall Smith...

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1900 DeKalb Co., GA. Census record
Showing Henry M. Smith family

On December 20, 2009 I published the post, A Postcard to Soapy Smith, 1883-84. It was about a postcard to Soapy from a cousin, Henry Marshall Smith. In the post I asked for more information on Henry Smith and received several emails from Gay Mathis over at the True West magazine forum. She is a genealogist and historian and here is some of what I learned from Gay about Henry.

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1910 DeKalb Co., GA. Census
showing Henry M. Smith family

Henry Marshall Smith (07/31/1856 - 02/24/1930), physician, son Columbus Darwin "Lum" Smith. He married Emily D. "Mittie" Barnes (03/1855 - 12/18/1928) in Jones county, Georgia, sometime in 1880.

They had four children surviving with two not surviving for a total of six. They are

  • Henry Marshall Smith II (1885 - 06/25/1912)
  • Suzie M. Smith (01/26/1887 - 12/12/1925)
  • Linton S. Smith (05/1881 - unknown)
  • Columbus D. Smith (02/14/1891 - 11/18/1966)

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1920 DeKalb Co., GA. Census
showing Henry M. Smith, Linton Smith and Henry Longino family

Some of the questions I wondered about in the original post have been answered now. For instance, now we know Emily Barnes' nickname was "Mittie" and the correct city name spelling of the one city is Tranquilla of Jones county. I went back to the original post and corrected the mistakes.

Gay also sent some page images from the book Coweta County Chronicles for One Hundred Years (Jones, Mary G. Date of Publication: 1928) which has quite a bit on the Smith family of Coweta where Soapy was born. This includes Dr. Linton Smith, Henry Marshall Smith II, Susan Smith Longino, and C. D. Smith as grandchildren of Dr. Columbus Darwin "Lum" Smith (1828-1911).

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Columbus Darwin "Lum" Smith
Soapy's uncle

Gay even found that Find a Grave has members of the Smith (Susan [Smith] Longino) family.

There are even more family ongoing details I was able to add to my Family Tree Maker program thanks to Gay but too many to list. Family members can contact me for more information.


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