November 12, 2009

Washington, Iowa revisited

Back on October 2, 2009 I published a story about an 1883 city license Soapy purchased to operate his prize package soap racket in Washington, Iowa. Signing the license was the city mayor, D. C. Kyle. On November 8, 2009 Carolyn Ellerston, the great granddaughter, contacted me. Below is her response.

From: The Ellertsons
Subject: Mayor D.C. Kyle, Washington, Iowa
Date: Sunday, November 8, 2009, 7:18 PM

Dear Jeff,
Just FYI, the document would pretty much have to be legitimately associated with the location of Washington, Iowa. D. C. Kyle was my great grandfather (my maternal grandmother's father). He not only was the Mayor of Washington at more than one point, but his obituary states that as the Justice of the Peace, he united over two hundred couples. He was also a surveyor for the city or county as well as other places (obit says surveyed in 14 states or whatever). I can tell you that he was Scots/Irish, and proud of it, for he continued to go to his office until in his eighties, and died after a short illness when he caught a cold (probably turned into pneumonia). My mother used to tell that he was very proud of his heritage, and would quite often wear his kilt (Cameron Clan). There sits in my living room, at this very moment, an oval, marble topped table, which came from his home at 302 West Second Street in Washington. After the death of his daughter Jeannette (never married, and lived in the family home until her death in 1954), the family home was sold, and the heirlooms divided. His son, Joseph A. Kyle, and daughter Frances Kyle (my grandmother) were the only two children surviving. My feeling is that the document is legitimate. There are some very nice and helpful people at the Washington County Genealogical Society there, who would most likely be happy to confirm or try to clarify any questions you may have. Sounds like a colorful relative you have there. Would like to read the book.

Best Regards,
Carolyn Ellertson
Kalama, Washington


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