November 26, 2009

Good book reviews #12 - 14

Here are some good reviews about the book I have delayed posting.

"I enjoyed hearing about the historical aspects and the endeavors that are involved in the research that you did to bring your book to publication. Not many people would have the patience for such an undertaking as you accomplished Jeff. If your not teaching History already you should consider it."
—"Carbine" Joe M.

"Hey, speaking of research, you my friend are the Climax. Your book about Soapy is the best documented book I have ever read. I hope sales are brisk and everyone enjoys it as much as I did."
—Bob Wood.

"I just wanted to let you know I'm moving through the book as quickly as I can in my free time. Have jumped ahead now and again to get to chapters where the Blongers and Smiths shared the same space. Right now I'm at your account of the City Hall War and it's just amazingly thorough. It will be a great starting point for our rundown of that period, if we ever start writing. I expected a lot from this book, knowing how many resources you had at your disposal, but it is even better than I expected. So, anyway, just wanted to say 'good job.'"
—Scott Johnson


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