November 24, 2009

The A.J. Goddard, a bad "review," and John Morris

  1. Link. Historic Klondike barge found: Soapy fan "S" led me to an interesting story in the Globe and mail | National that states the A.J. Goddard, made famous by poet Robert Service, the first steamer ever to reach Dawson City, the hub of the famous gold rush, has been found in near perfect condition 108 years after it sank on Oct. 22, 1901.
  2. Link. Cathy Spude gives a bad review: On the True West forum Cathy Spude gives a bad review on Alias Soapy Smith after admitting to having only read 1/3 of the book. However some hints of the Sinclair papers, me not knowing they existed, was rather revealing. I am looking into ordering copies.
  3. Link. John H. "Fatty" Gray Morris photograph found. On the Soapy Smith Discussion Forum Tombstone historian Peter Brand has disclosed finding a photograph of Soap Gang member John Morris while researching another person.
  4. Link. Another post on the Soapy Smith Discussion Forum from Loni Bauer relates how great-grandfather, John Bauer wanted to join in the fight against Soapy up in Skagway but John's wife "literally sat" on him to keep him from going.


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