October 30, 2009

More book reviews...

"Peter Simple"
A three-card monte tosser swindles a hayseed

y publisher send me this nice review from Mel Seibel.

"...I predict it's going to be a really good seller for quite a while. ... I just finished reading it yesterday and found it to be a very interesting read, especially since it (1) filled a virtual vacuum about the real Soapy Smith, (2) provided a lot of general history about the period; and (3) served as a good primer on scams. Old Soapy surely had a very complex personality, a lot of bad mixed in with a lot of good, and I think Jeff did an excellent job of portraying both sides. In the end I felt a tinge of sadness as I read the account of his death--not for the loss of the bad part of him, but for the loss of the good part."


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