June 10, 2009

Manuscript update

Thought I'd give an update on my manuscript. Everything is running on schedule at the moment. All the photographs that needed permissions are completed. The final working design of the cover has been handed in to the printer. The reviewers are handing in periodic corrections and suggestions and two historic authors, Robert DeArmond and Bob DeArment, have sent in fine comments about the book which will find their way onto the back cover when it is published.

I am actually sort of numb. I have so many projects going that I seem to have lost my excitement regarding the publication. I know it is because I am so busy. Along with pre-publication jobs, I am also planning and beginning to implement post production projects. The "cut-off" date is June 30 and I have a feeling that once the manuscript is turned in to the printer the excitement will overflow within me once again.

My projects:

  • Last read through for small missed mistakes.
  • Designing back cover.
  • Working with artist on last minute piece that may or may not be completed in time.
  • Design and publish flier for pre-sales at Soapy Wake at Magic Castle.
  • Add book sale page to website and blog.
  • Plan book signings.
  • Implement advertisements.
  • Produce "one minute" video trailer.
  • Go on Oprah (wishful thinking).
  • Answer Speilberg's phone calls (more wishful thinking).
  • Convince rest of family members not to hate me for telling the truth.

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