June 9, 2009

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rom the pages of the Alaska Searchlight [Juneau] August 21, 1897.

Training for the Klondike - Before going to the Klondike it is necessary for the tenderfoot to be specially equipped physically to stand the rigors of the cool atmosphere, hardship and probable hunger. For those who contemplate making the trip to round up all the gold that lies concealed under the Arctic circle the following rules in hygiene are suggested:
  • Spend two hours a day in the "zero" room of a cold-storage warehouse.
  • Keep your head cool
  • If you play cards at all, confine yourself to freeze out.
  • Give your friends a cold stare when you greet them.
  • Bathe in water in which ice is floating.
  • Partake sparingly of the following menu once every other day:
  1. Ice
  2. Cutlets of dog
  3. Snowflake muffins
  4. More Ice
  5. Tallowla la mode
  6. Lard frappe
  7. Some more ice
  8. Frosted pine cones
  9. Fricassee of icicle
  10. Chipped iceberg
  11. Sperm candle chilled
  12. Glacier puffs.
After a month of this diet, two more months should be spent in fasting. If at the end of that time you still yearn for sudden wealth you will be in condition to go, barring, of course, accidents and sickness. If you do go, before starting don't forget to take in a sufficient number of coal oil cans in which to convey your wealth.

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