June 29, 2009

Cathy Spudes book: Update

On June 27 I reported on a new book about Soapy Smith coming out by author, Cathy Spude. In the last few days she has changed her website around and had this to say on a western forum.

Cathy Spude
Legend and Fact
Sun Jun 28, 2009 09:21

Jeff is right. My next book, the one on Soapy Smith, deals with Smith's last days in Skagway, but more so the creation of his Legend, the evolution of fact into a powerful story and the growth of tourism in Skagway. I have long been interested in the subject. I suspect that Jeff and I will actually differ little in actual content, although I may have found some information about city politics that he may not have had, and I know his access to family sources far exceeds my capabilities. That is why I have waited to see what he has before finishing my book to add to my analysis of local politics and the development of tourism in the decades after J. R. Smith's killing.

I recently decided to change the title of my upcoming book to SOAPY: WHEN FACT BECOMES LEGEND. I mean it to complement, not compete with Jeff's thorough and well-researched biography.

As before, I congratulate Jeff on his and his family's long endeavor to get this important story told.

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