June 29, 2009

The adventures of Soapy Smith and Bungalo Bill

The Continuing Adventures of Bungalo Bill
Episode 6 - Find Soapy Smith

A few months ago I posted the above YouTube video by the camera talented Bill Marquardt, a big fan of Soapy Smith. In this #6 episode US Marshal Bungalo Bill sails to Skagway, Alaska "Territory," hoping to head off the confrontation between this infamous con artist and the vigilante mob that is forming against him. Does Ike Clanton's time machine get him there in time? (first shown on the Haunted Saloon, an internet webcast show).

When I traveled out to Wyatt Earp's mine and house in Vidal, California in April I spoke on Earp's connections with Soapy Smith, which was filmed by Bill. He took some of the film footage and made one of his "Continuing Adventure" episodes, which can be seen on YouTube. In this new episode Bill writes,
"Soapy's great grandson reads a letter from Soapy describing his gunfight on a train, and talks of Wyatt Earp and friends." Enjoy.

The Continuing Adventures of Bungalo Bill
Soapy Smith and Wyatt Earp

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