April 8, 2009

Soapy picked as fantasy running back.

See, I told you Soapy Smith was coming into his own, but I never imagined he'd be considered as a running back for the Denver Broncos!

Dave Kolonich created the 2009 Historical and Culture Mock Draft over at The Cleveland Fan.com site. Of the 32 picks, which include Jesus of Nazareth, Soapy is #12. Here is how it reads.

12. Denver - Soapy Smith

Running Back
148 Years Old
5'6, 155 ibs.


Not a surprising move here considering the moves the Broncos have made in the 2009 offseason. Smith's shifty running style should help the Broncos as they adjust to life after Mike Shanahan. Smith is not a typical NFL power back, due to his size and nature. He will be counted on to run outside the tackles and should be utilized on draw plays and screen passes. New Broncos coach Josh McDaniels already has plans for a Wildcat type package featuring Smith. The formation will be called The Prize Package Soap Sell Swindle. For the offensive-minded McDaniels, the pick was a no-brainer.

"Jesus, Pat Bowlen is dumb. First, he hires a 32 year old to run the team, then he lets Cutler walk. And now this. Maybe I should try to sell him my old I-Pod."

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