April 8, 2009

"..one of the best Old West historical sites on the entire Internet.."

Wow! the kind words come from Dave Kolonich, creator of the Cleveland Historical and Pop Culture Mock Draft that included Soapy Smith as a running back, posted below. I had contacted and thanked Dave for his fun contribution to Soapy's lore. He then responded on his blog, Cleveland Reboot, with the following.

Talk about a small world. It turns out that Jefferson "Randolph" Smith II, alias Soapy Smith, is the subject of one of the best Old West historical sites on the entire Internet, Alias Soapy Smith. The site is part of the Soapy Smith Preservation Trust, run by family descendants of the famous outlaw and features volumes of history, beautiful photographs and other great links. If you're a history nerd, check out the site. You won't be disappointed.

If things don't work out for Smith in Denver's backfield, as projected in Cleveland Reboot's Historical and Pop Culture Mock Draft, Smith's future and legacy is in safe hands.

I am humbled and proud.

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