February 19, 2009

Parlor update: Part 2.

I received an update from Karl Gurcke of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Skagway division, on the progress of restoring Jeff Smith's Parlor (Soapy's saloon).
Things go well - I've just started reviewing the draft historic structure report on the Parlor. It's a real rough draft and needs a lot of work. Not much new historical information on what I had already sent you before but there's a lot of historical pictures, which adds to the discussion. The main new thing is the detailed architectural drawings and photographs of the building itself as it looks today, both exterior and interior. One of the interesting things they found last summer is evidence of a roof fire in the attic - lots of charred lumber. Know anything about a fire at the Parlor - it could have been any time.
We already knew this project would take perhaps a decade to complete.

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