April 13, 2021

Soapy Smith arrested in Spokane, Washington July 29, 1897

Spokesman Review
July 29, 1897

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e objected to the word vagrancy."

When the Excelsior docked in San Francisco on July 14, 1897, excitement spread quickly when each passenger disembarked with a reported average of from $30,000 to $90,000 in gold. The same occurred on July 17 when the Portland docked in Seattle. I have always felt that Soapy Smith was in Seattle at the time, perhaps even down on the docks welcoming the Portland and all that gold to Seattle. That he caught the first boat to Alaska. 
Although he may still have been in Seattle on July 17th, he was in Spokane on July 28, 1897, where he was arrested. This arrest may have been the reason Soapy did not leave for Alaska until August 14, 1897.
Yesterday's arrests included Charles Ross and Jeff ("Soapy") Smith, both charged with vagrancy. At the latter's request he was booked for disorderly conduct as he objected to the word vagrancy.


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