October 29, 2016

Denver's Oldest Bar (Tivoli Club) book matches

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 sure thing
Matches from bar that housed Soapy's Tivoli Club.  

     A new acquisition to my Soapy collection. I do not have the history of the bar known as Denver's Oldest Bar located at the southeast corner of 17th and Market Streets. One photograph indicates it was once called the Ginn Mill. A photograph taken in November 1966 identifies it as Denver's Oldest Bar as does the match book below. The inside structure and layout is pretty much the same as it was in the 1890s so I will guess that it may have been a saloon/bar for it's entire history, thus the name Denver's Oldest Bar applies.

"6 beautiful girls"
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It does not appear that many knew the bar was once home to Soapy Smith's saloon and gaming house. I find it ironic that inside the mach book there is a "gambling" game of sorts, called Lucky Match. The directions to the game are as follows.
Hold book of matches with back cover facing you. Take out one stick for yourself and let the other player or players take one. Match your hand against theirs.
The words A sure thing make the purchase a worthy one for me. (see photo below).

The Lucky Match game
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Denver's Oldest Bar
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The Tivoli Club (not in order of importance. Be sure to scroll and note additional pages).

"It may be desirable to live to a green old age; but when you have attained it, please keep away from the bunco men. "
— Puck, The Mason County Journal, November 29, 1889


1652: The Massachusetts Bay Colony proclaims itself to be an independent commonwealth.
1682: William Penn lands at what is now Chester, Pennsylvania. He is proclaimed the founder of Pennsylvania.
1854: A petition for a reservation in Polk County for the Alabama Indians is approved by tribal leaders and the Texas legislature. Later the Coushatta tribes were added the name became the Alabama-Coushatta reservation.
1858: Charles Blake and Andre Williams of Iowa open the first grocery store in what will become Denver, Colorado.
1863: The International Committee of the Red Cross is founded.
1897: The Al Jennings outlaw gang robs a general store of $15, some used clothing, a bottle of whiskey and some bananas. A posse followed the gang but lost them.
1901: Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of President William McKinley, is electrocuted.
1909: Sara Jane “Jennie” Rogers, famed Denver, Colorado brothel madame, dies at Mercy Hospital.

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