January 22, 2016

Who are these cute Smith kids - REVEALED

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ack on May 18, 2010 I posted a couple of photographs from the Mike Moriarty collection. I asked about the kids in one of the photographs (see above) but received no replies.

Fast-forward five years, 8 months:

I received a response from family member Jim Lynch, a great grandson of Soapy Smith's via Soapy's daughter, Mary Eva Smith II.

Hello, Jeff:

You and I are distant relatives as I, too, am a great grandson of Soapy Smith. His daughter, Mary Eva, was my grandmother (my mom’s mom.) We called her “Nana.” You have the attached pic on your website with the words “Who are these cute kids?” They are my Soapy’s grandchildren; Mary Eva’s children; my Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Greg Moriarty. The picture was taken in the back yard of the family’s home on Oakland Ave., in Milwaukee, WI. Aunt Gerl grew up to become a Catholic nun (died 1980), and Uncle Greg a police officer and firefighter (died 2011.)

If interested in additional photos, I have several of Mammy, Mary Eva, and a few of Mary Eva’s brother, Jeff. I’m guessing he would be Soapy Jr., and perhaps your grandfather??

Jim Lynch

Jim and I are talking family history and he sent along some fantastic early photographs, of which I plan to share in an upcoming post.

"The boys who had the money won it in a fair game and they should keep it." He also said he, "had a hundred men who would stand behind him and see that they were protected." The judge finally told him he [Smith] could not afford to stand up for a gang of thieves; but he [Smith] almost screamed—"Well, Judge, declare me in with the thieves. I’ll stay with them," and with that he passionately beat the table with his fist and left the room.
Daily Alaskan
Alias Soapy Smith, p. 529.


1864: Christopher Lower, David Renton alias "Doc Howard," and James Romain are found guilty in Lewiston, Idaho Territory for the murder of Lloyd Magruder. Billy Page, who was not involved in the murder plot but did help the murderers flee, turned state's evidence and was acquitted and released.
1872: Grand Duke Alexis of Russia arrives in Topeka, Kansas.
1872: The Society of Colorado Pioneers Association is founded in Denver, Colorado Territory.
1876: 125 miles east of Camp Supply the 5th Cavalry battles with Indians, killing 3 and wounding 4 on the Cimarron River, Indian Territory.
1877: Merritt Horrell is shot to death by John Higgins in the Matador Saloon, Lampasas, Texas, during the Horrell-Higgins Feud.
1879: James Shields begins a term as a U.S. Senator from Missouri. He had previously served Illinois and Minnesota. He was the first Senator to serve three states.
1882: Marshal George Brown is murdered in Caldwell, Kansas. He is replaced with Ben “Bat” Carr and his assistant Henry Brown.
1883: The Fifty Cent Act of Texas is repealed due to fraudulent speculation. The Fifty Cent Act, advocated in July 14 1879 provided for selling public land at fifty cents an acre. Proceeds were to be used to pay debts and establish a school fund. About fifty-two Texas counties were created from the sale of 3,201,283 acres for $1,600,641.55.
1884: The Northern Pacific Railroad completes the Bozeman Pass tunnel in Montana Territory.
1889: The Columbia Phonograph Company is formed in Washington, D.C.
1890: Montana pioneer and vigilante John “X” Beidler, 58, dies in Helena. His funeral draws 1,200 mourners to the Ming Opera House.
1891: Bad man Dick Hawkins, an ex-faro dealer for Soapy Smith, robbed the faro table at the Arcade club rooms in Denver, Colorado. He then did the same at the Nickle Plate, and successfully escaped.
1895: The National Association of Manufacturers is organized in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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