January 12, 2016

Soapy Smith vs Frank Reid: American Heroes Channel documentary

Scroll down just a bit to see the video.

IRS JANUARY 13, 2016

"All this about 'Soapy' Smith being alive, as wired to the newspapers from San Diego, and that he is in San Diego, is moonshine, said Arch Bodine, who has a restaurant at 1327 Fifteenth Street. Bodine was in Skagway last October [sic] when 'Soapy' was killed, and did not leave for several months afterwards. I was near him when he was shot, and I helped to put him in the wagon. After he was carried from the wharf to the morgue, he lay there for two days under a sheet, and hundreds of people saw him. There are lots of men in the west who look like 'Soapy,' but just paste it in your hat that Smith is as dead as a doornail. They didn’t take any chances on his coming back to life in Skagway."
—Arch Bodine
Alias Soapy Smith, p. 587.


1773: The first U.S. public museum opens in Charleston, South Carolina.
1872: Russia's Grand Duke Alexis departs St. Louis, Missouri for Omaha, Nebraska on a buffalo hunting expedition with General Phil Sheridan and Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer.
1880: Bat Masterson resigns his position as Ford County Sheriff, as well as deputy U.S. Marshal of Kansas.
1883: Cheyenne, Wyoming turns on electric lights for the first time.
1889: The fight between two cities to become the county seat ends in violence, known as the Battle of Cimarron. A wagon of men from Ingalls, Kansas attempt to steal the official court records from the Gray County courthouse in Cimarron, Kansas, but are discovered and shooting breaks out. One resident of Cimarron is killed and several persons are wounded on both sides. The invaders climbed into their wagon with the records and speed off, leaving four men trapped inside the courthouse, including Jim Masterson, brother of Bat Masterson. The shooting concentrated on the building. After six hours of fierce fighting, a truce was made, which included allowing the four men to be able to leave the city unharmed. In 1893 Cimarron becomes the county seat.
1896: At Davidson College, several students take x-ray photographs, the first made in the U.S.

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