February 21, 2013

Were John and Frank Clancy partners of Soapy Smith?

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e sure to catch my latest examination post on the blog "That Fiend in Hell:" A comprehensive study. It is entitled Clancys as partners of Soapy Smith and revolves around author Cathy Spudes claim that John and Frank Clancy were not really partners of Soapy, but rather merely rented the building that housed Jeff Smith's Parlor to him. It's an interesting look at the details of this business/criminal association. I'd love to hear what you think?

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— Ken Cleghorn


1842: John J. Greenough patents the sewing machine.
1858: The first electric burglar alarm is installed in Boston, Massachusetts.
1862: Texas Rangers fighting for the Confederacy win a victory in the Battle of Val Verde, New Mexico Territory.
1866: Lucy B. Hobbs becomes the first woman to graduate from a dental school, the College of Dental Surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio.
1874: The Oakland Daily Tribune begins publication in Oakland, California.
1878: The first telephone directory in the U.S. is distributed to residents in New Haven, Connecticut. It is a single page of fifty names.
1896: Judge Roy Bean hosts the Maher-Fitzsimmons heavyweight boxing championship on an island in the Rio Grande, Texas.
1900: The U.S. government gives a full military funeral to chief Washakie, one of the few Indian chiefs who never warred against white settlers.

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