September 12, 2012

Skagway UHAUL moving truck rented by Soapy Smith's descendants.

UHAUL moving truck
Murrieta, California

hat are the odds?

Jami (Smith) Dotson is a great-great-grandaughter of Soapy Smith, living in California with her husband Jeff and daughter Clair. Their two other children, Brooke and Jeff, are living on their own now so Jeff and Jami decided it was time to move out of their huge home into a smaller, more manageable abode. On moving day Jeff went down to UHAUL to pick up the truck he had rented, not bothering to notice the city ad many of UHAUL's trucks sport on the sides of the trailer. It was Jami's father who noticed the city name of Skagway plastered on the vehicle (see photo).  

How did the truck end up down here? How many of their trucks have Skagway on them? What are the odds that the family of Skagway's most famous bad man would end up with that truck? In hopes of solving a couple of these mysteries I contacted the UHAUL's main office but have yet to hear a response.I thought it was kind of interesting myself. Jami said, "Apparently one of my moving trucks wants me to head North, lol."

"A hero is a hero but everybody loves a good villain."
―Ferb (from Phineas and Ferb)


1609: English explorer Henry Hudson sails down what is now known as the Hudson River.
1814: The Battle of North Point is fought in Maryland (War of 1812).
1864: A government supply train of 205 wagons departs Fort Scott, Kansas for Fort Gibson in Indian Territory.
1866: "The Black Crook," known to be the first American burlesque show, opens in New York City.
1873: The first typewriter is sold to the public.
1874: The Battle of Buffalo Waller takes place in Hemphill County, Texas. While delivering dispatches, Billy Dixon, Amos Chapman, and four others, are attacked by nearly 100 Kiowa and Comanche Indians. The men take refuge in a hollow in the ground created by rolling buffalos. They are trapped for three days later suffering one casualty before the military rescues them.
1878: Patent litigation involving the Bell Telephone Company against Western Union Telegraph Company and Elisha Gray begins.
1882: The Tombstone, Arizona Epitaph reports that Johnny Ringo is drunk in Galeyville.

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