August 8, 2012

Jeff Smith's Parlor, 1930s. Parlor restoration part 13.

Soapy Smith Museum (Jeff Smith's Parlor)
Tourists 1930s
(Courtesy of the University of Alaska Fairbanks)
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ob Lyon, National Park Service historian in Anchorage sent me some photographs to share. In regards to the top photo of the Parlor, Bob writes,

I turned up some photos of [Martin] Itjen's museum I hadn't seen before. This one is from the 1930s. Got a few new ones of Itjen on his street car. Send one or two later. These are from the collections at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Museum of 98 banner
(photo courtesy of Bob Lyon)

This is a sign an architect, Becky Shaffer and I found in the Meyer Building, which we think was an Itjen museum for a couple of years in the 1920s. Becky noticed wood panels blocking the windows had canvas stapled to the edges--had to be a sign, so we took them down and hey, presto! There's a photograph on the Alaska digital archives page of the Skagway waterfront with cruise ship graffiti that shows a very similar sign, so the museum was open, we just can't be entirely certain which building, but only the Meyer Building is likely for that corner and we know [George] Rapuzzi owned it.

Bob Lyon, we are grateful that you share your exciting finds with us!


1844: Bringham Young is chosen to lead the Mormons, after the killing of Joseph Smith.
1850: Fort Atkinson is established in what is now Kansas. Located about two miles west of Dodge City, on the left side of the Arkansas River near the site of old Fort Mann, the fort is intended to control the Indians and protect the Santa Fe Trail.
1863: several wagon trains are attacked by Indians east of Fort Kearny, Nebraska Territory. Fourteen men are killed and an unknown number of women and children are taken captive.
1865: George Custer and his troops depart for Texas from Alexandria, Louisiana to enforce the federal government's reconstruction policies for one year.
1867: General Alfred Terry reports one citizen is wounded in a 31st Infantry engagement with Indians near Fort Stevenson, Dakota Territory.
1874: Silver is discovered in Mohave County, Arizona Territory. The mines yield $800,000 over the next 30 years.
1876: Thomas Edison receives a patent for the mimeograph.
1889: Flathead Indian chief Arlee dies in Jocko Valley, Montana.
1891: Soapy Smith’s Denver auction house is gutted by fire.
1899: The refrigerator is patented by A. T. Marshall.

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