July 12, 2012

Skagway, Alaska parade July 4, 2012, part 2.

Recruiting volunteers for the Spanish American War in 1898.
Winner of "Most Patriotic Float"
Pictured left to right: Interpretive park rangers Gina Palmer, Historian Karl Gurcke, Bruce Dansby
and Sebastian Selig.
(NPS photo)

ational Park Historian, Bob Lyon sent me a couple of great photographs taken on July 4, 2012 during the Skagway, Alaska annual parade. The float created by the Klondike Goldrush National Historical Park that I posted about on July 6, won "Most Patriotic Float."

The float theme was just as I thought. My first post on July 6 did not contain any pictures of the front of the float so I took a guess. The photo at top shows Soapy (Bruce Dansby) and one of his gang members (Karl Gurcke) signing up volunteers for the Skaguay Military Company. The signed up volunteers then enter the examination tent with their clothes intact. They exit the rear of the tent sans most of their clothing.  

Close up of the rear of the float
"Volunteers" sans clothing after being "examined"
(NPS photo)

The NPS gang before the parade

The Days of 98 Show float won a category prize as well

The beautiful Allison Graham sells garters for Diabetes research

July 6, 2012

1861: Gunman David McCanles, is shot dead by “Wild Bill” Hickok in the Rock Creek station, Nebraska. McCanles had challenged Hickok to fight because Hickok was seeing the same woman he was.
1862: The U.S. Congress authorizes the Medal of Honor.
1864: President Abraham Lincoln witnesses Union forces repell Jubal Early's Confederate army on the outskirts of Washington, DC.
1870: Battle of the Little Wichita River in Texas. Kicking Bird and 100 of his Kiowa fighters battle Captain McLellan and 54 members of the 6th Cavalry. Capt. McLellan had been dispatched to recover the mail from Indians who had attacked a mail coach sixteen miles west of Fort Richardson six days previous.
1876: “Wild Bill” Hickok, age 39, arrives in Deadwood, Dakota Territory.
1882: The Tombstone Epitaph reports that Johnny Ringo is drunk in Galeyville, Arizona Territory.
1893: Deputy Marshal Sherman Russell is shot and killed by Sam Woodward near Muskogee, Indian Territory. It is unknown if Woodward was ever brought to justice.


  1. Great photos! I was busy running around that day helping with the lineup of floats and bands. Lots of last minute changes because of "noise interference" between floats. Fewer floats because it was a busy cruise ship day and lots of workers working their regular jobs instead of participating in the parade and events. Business before pleasure is always foremost in the minds of most local businesses-especially the "out of towners"! Thank God for the Park Service and the Hardware Store and the Mounties and the Bagpipers!!!

  2. I knew today about Soapys life in one book by Javier Reverte.
    Nice history.

    Madrid, Spain

    1. Thank you, Jose.
      I am not familiar with Javier Reverte? What is the title of the book?

      Jeff Smith


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