June 29, 2012

Soapy's soap: Souvenir of the Day's of '98 Show

Soapy's Soap
from The Day's of 98 Show

onathan Hays, co-owner of the Day's of '98 Show (With Soapy Smith), in Skagway, Alaska previewed the brand new Soapy Soap line, based on the prize package soap sell racket. Hays says, "The bills feature Soapy's portrait, his photograph as Grand Marshall of the 4th of July Parade, and our company logo. The soap sells (*ahem*) for $5 a bar, and comes in several fragrances, including Eucalyptus Spearmint, Sunshine Magic, Rosewood, and Cedarwood Sage.

We're looking for a new (that is, "old") tripe and keister for our display." To order, please contact info@thedaysof98show.com!

1652: Massachusetts declares itself an independent commonwealth. 
1767: The British Parliament approves the Townshend Revenue Acts. The acts imposed import duties on glass, lead, paint, paper and tea shipped to America. 
1776: The Virginia constitution is adopted and Patrick Henry is made governor. 
1804: Privates John Collins and Hugh Hall of the Lewis and Clark Expedition are found guilty by a court-martial consisting of members of the Corps of Discovery for getting drunk on duty. Collins receives 100 lashes on his back and Hall receives 50. 
1857: At Solomon's Fork on the Kansas River, Kansas, Lieutenant J. E. B. Stuart is wounded in a fight with Cheyenne Indians. 
1860: The first iron-pile lighthouse is completed at Minot’s Ledge, Massachusetts. 
1863: Deputy Dillingham is murdered by the outlaw gang known as the “Innocents,” at Alder Gulch, Montana Territory. 
1878: Justice Wilson issues an arrest warrant for Alexander A. McSween during the Lincoln County War, New Mexico Territory. 
1879: Crow scouts kill six Indians at Alkali Creek, Montana Territory. 
1883: Tualisto, a member of the Creek Indian tribe, is hanged in Fort Smith, Arkansas after being convicted of robbing and murdering Emanuel Cochran, on July 6, 1881. Before he was hung, he announced to the spectators that the four buttons sewn into his hat were taken from the four white men he had killed. 
1893: Texas Ranger Frank Jones is killed by Mexican cattle thieves, Jesus Olguin and his son, Severio, when he attempted to arrest them. The Olguins were never prosecuted because the incident occurred on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. 
1897: The Chicago Cubs score 36 runs in a game against Louisville, setting a record for runs scored by a team in a single game.

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