June 13, 2012

Museum exhibit of A Klondike Tale by Averyl Veliz.

Soapy Smith mesmerizes the crowd selling soap
Art by Averyl Veliz

n 2009 I introduced artist, Averyl Veliz, who has been working on her project, A Klondike Tale since then. The project includes Soapy Smith as the bad guy. In November 2011 the Alaska State Museum set up an exhibit of her work. That exhibit ended January 4, 2012 but lucky for us the museum created an online page for the exhibit. I think you will agree that this story should be made into an animated film. For the entire story please be sure to check out the links below. You can view the online exhibit here.

Averyl Veliz: A Klondike Story
February 5, 2010
November 16, 2009
August 25, 2009 
October 4, 2009 
September 8, 2009 
September 3, 2009 

1777: The Marquis de Lafayette arrives in the American colonies to help with their war against the British. 1789: Ice cream is served to General George Washington by Mrs. Alexander Hamilton.
1825: Walter Hunt patents the safety pin. He sold the rights for $400.
1865: While in Idaho Territory, Crazy Horse sneaks into the Sioux camp being relocated to Fort Kearney, Nebraska, to plan an escape.
1866: The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves, is passed by Congress. It is ratified on July 9, 1868.
1877: Nez Perce Chief Joseph starts off with 250 warriors, 450 women and children, and 2,000 horses, in an attempt to make it to Canada after talks break down when a band of his younger warriors kill eleven settlers. 1878: A posse led by Texas Ranger captain June Peak and Sheriff W. F. Eagan corner the Sam Bass gang near Salt Creek in Wise County, Texas. A gun battle ensues in which Arkansas Johnson is killed and others are wounded. Bass, Barnes, and others from the outlaw gang manage to escape on foot after the posse captures their horses.
1887: Railroad tracks of the St. Paul & Manitoba Railroad cross the eastern boundary of Wyoming. 1888: The U.S. Congress creates the Department of Labor.
1898: The Canadian Yukon Territory is organized. The Yukon separates from the Northwest Territories and is given separate territorial status, two years after the discovery of gold in the Klondike. Dawson City, with about 30, 000 residents becomes the capital.
1904: Oklahoma City Police Officer Joseph Burnett shoots and kills Edward Capehart O’Kelley during an arrest which developed into a brawl. O’Kelley had been only recently released from prison after serving time for the murder of Robert Ford in Creede, Colorado 1892.

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