April 27, 2012

Soapy and Mary: colorized by Gary Sheaf

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson. R. Smith
Circa 1886
(photo: Gary Sheaf)

he above photograph has been believed in my family to be the wedding photograph of Jefferson Randolph Smith II and Mary Eva Noonan which took place on February 1, 1886. The wonderful colorization work was performed by my friend Gary Sheaf, a very talented artist and historian. With his artistic skills and imagination he has mastered this medium and is able to bring an astute perception of how these two love-birds looked on that special day. He did a superb job and I thank him very much. His endeavors are greatly appreciated. I consider myself very fortunate in catching him at the right time as his gift is very popular on the True West forum right now.

Gary Sheaf
April 22, 2012 

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