April 19, 2012

Skagway Bay: 1920-30.

Skagway Bay
circa 1920-1930
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nice sepia tone real photograph postcard of Skagway Bay showing the deteriorating wharves. The Juneau Company wharf where Soapy was killed is directing in the middle of the photograph. Note that the building that once earmarked the wharf is gone. The fourth wharf that stood to the left of the Juneau wharf is completely gone. I listed the photograph as being between 1920-1930 because I don't know the dates for certain on the photos showing the wharves in various states of decay. I know from photographs that by the 1950s the wharves were mere shadows of themselves. Today that bay is deep water for large ships and the only wharf remaining is Moore's wharf and I'm not sure how much of it, is any, still remains.

1764: The English Parliament bans the American colonies from printing paper money.
1775: The American Revolution begins as fighting breaks out at Lexington, MA.
1782: The Netherlands recognize the new United States.
1802: The Spanish reopen the New Orleans port to American merchants.
1852: The California Historical Society is founded.
1861: Thaddeus S. C. Lowe sails 900 miles in nine hours in a hot air balloon from Cincinnati, OH, to Unionville, SC.
1861: The Baltimore riots result in four Union soldiers and nine civilians killed.
1861: U.S. President Lincoln orders a blockade of Confederate ports.
1892: The Duryea gasoline buggy is introduced in the U.S. by Charles and Frank Duryea.
1897: The first annual Boston Marathon is held. It is the first of its type in the U.S.


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