April 1, 2012

The Mark Inside: Lou Blonger

Lou Blonger
successor to the reign of Soapy Smith

ur friends, Craig and Scott Johnson are celebrating the release of the new book The Mark Inside by Amy Reading which includes Frank Norfleet’s assistance to help Denver's Philip Van Cise in bringing down Lou Blonger's bunco empire. Today's post over on Blongerbros.com shows some newly published photographs of Lou and members of his gang. Congratulations boys.

The Blonger's: pages 10, 63, 80-81, 90, 171, 176-177, 207, 257, 260, 269-70, 273, 324, 357-58, 370-71, 373-74, 384, 398-99, 573, 588.

1892: Creede deputy marshal and Soapy’s brother-in-law, William S. Light, shoots and kills “Reddy” McCann in the Branch Saloon.
1896: Soapy books passage to Juneau, Alaska aboard the General Canby.


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