February 14, 2012

Soapy Smith Days: Leadville, Colorado

Soapy Smith leads the charge!
Spanish-American War 1898
(fantasy piece by Jeff Smith)

Last year (April) I told you about Soapy Smith Days in Leadville, Colorado. This summer was to be the first annual event. The Leadville Assembly was planning on doing the Soapy Days this coming April, but because of the national exposure on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic they decided to go with that instead, however, that is for this year only. From my sources I understand that the Assembly is "still pumped about a Soapy Smith Days, especially when Leadville got the State of Colorado to formally declare Leadville as the city for April History Month!

The city is now deciding whether to do the Soapy Smith event next April, or on another weekend in the summer. Here's the website for the Titanic event to give you some idea of how they do these "events."

1884: Soapy Smith is arrested in San Francisco for operating the prize package soap racket.

Jeff Smith


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