December 23, 2011

1930s video of Skagway, Alaska

Skagway T-Shirt

I was sent a wonderful link to a Youtube video showing Skagway, Alaska from the 1930s. For those that are younger, it means that the video is in black and white and silent. Enjoy!


Skagway, a gold rush town from 1897-1898 sort of froze after the rush was over. This video shows many original buildings left over from the stampede days. Some are gone now but many shown in the film have not only remained but have been expertly and properly restored. The footage of the White Pass and Yukon Railway traveling up the middle of Broadway and along the White Pass gold trail of 1898 is breathtaking.

Embedded into the film is a counter/timer and using it you can see the following Soapy Smith related items.

  • 01:01:08.00: Martin Itjen's original "streetcar" tour bus drive by.
  • 01:01:45.01: Martin Itjen's "new" bus goes by and in the rear of the bus you see an effigy of the infamous Soapy Smith saluting the crowds (Soapy is my great-grandfather).

Martin Itjen: April 8, 2011, Feb. 16, 2011


Kristen Alberda, a Facebook fan from Alaska is considering starting a website called which focuses on helping people find pet-friendly rentals/sublets/services in New York City. We applaud her humanity, as well as her choice in names.


1898: For the robbery of John D. Stewart; John Bowers is sentenced to one year for larceny and six months for assault and battery. “Slim Jim” Foster is sentenced to one year and fined $1,000 for larceny, and six months for assault and battery. Van B. “Old Man” Triplett is sentenced to one year for larceny.

Jeff Smith


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