November 27, 2011

Think Christmas: Alias Soapy Smith: The Life and Death of a Scoundrel

The perfect economical Christmas gift for those on your list who like the following...
  • The 19th century old west
  • famous saloons
  • famous silver and gold rush towns
  • famous bunco men and gangs
  • infamous swindles
  • gambling
  • political corruption
  • social corruption
  • vigilantes
  • lawmen, the good and the bad
  • police, the good and the bad
  • Colorado history
  • Klondike gold rush
  • Alaska history
  • gunfights and other violent altercations
  • and so much more!
Over 650 pages of authentic, well sourced history of one of the most famous American confidence men of the nineteenth century west. 54 photographs, many never before published. Many never before published personal and business letters and documents from to to Soapy Smith. Many new stories and facts

all for the fantastic price of


1894: A gambler’s petition signed by Denver businessmen starts losing signers when it is learned that Soapy is behind the petition. His response To the Rocky Mountain News is to state that “I beg to state that I am no gambler. A gambler takes chances with his money, I don’t. I had nothing to do with the businessmen’s petition, and under no circumstances would I sign such a document. Hoping that the clergy will kindly leave me out of that 'class'…”

Jeff Smith


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