August 26, 2011

Soapy Smith's Alaska Outlaw Whiskey

IT'S HERE. Produced by Alaska Distillery, Alaska's first whiskey is now on the shelves. The first whiskey to be aged in alder & birch, this is one uniquely Alaskan whiskey that would make Soapy proud. They'd make great gifts. I'll let you all know how to order it as soon as I found out.

(Note: This product is not produced or sold by us, or any Soapy Smith descendants) 

1889: Soapy slashes the faro layout at a Denver gambling house and then holds the 5” dirk to the dealers throat before walking out with his winnings.
1893: Soapy’s “March On” article is published, which is believed to have given Coxy’s Army the idea of its famous march to Washington.

Jeff Smith



  1. It's about time something came out of Wasilla that doesn't have to be treated with penicillin.

  2. This is a very nice blog! We are sharing it with all our facebook friends! Thank you! Alaska Distillery

  3. Thank you Alaska Distillery!

    Jeff Smith

  4. This is very good whiskey. Smooth with a slightly sweet flavor.


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