August 9, 2011

Kdog visits Skagway and pays his respects.

Kdog left Soapy some "special" cards
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Kevin Kdog Pernick is on an Alaskan cruise as I write this. I met Kdog on Facebook as a fan of Soapy. Then I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at the Magic Castle during the Soapy Smith wake. At the time he was preparing for his cruise and wanted to know the special places in Skagway not to be missed. Kdog has been keeping his Facebook friends up-to-date on his trip with photographs, which I snagged a few of interest to show you here.

Thanks Kdog, for showing your respects!

At Soapy's grave
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Jeff Smith's Parlor
Restoration in progress
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1820: Robert C. Adams and James Bowe Boisseau duel with pistols over Ellen Stimpson Peniston. Both men are killed.
1865: The Civil War officially comes to an end.

Jeff Smith


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