August 2, 2011

John Gilbert Peniston writes about the duel of 1820.

Ellen Stimpson Peniston

On Wednesday August 9, 1820 a duel between James Bowe Boisseau and Robert C. Adams took place in which both men were killed. The reason involved Soapy Smith's grandmother,  Ellen Stimpson Peniston, who died before he was born. The details of the duel can be had at the links listed below. Today's post involves a letter written in 1903 by Ellen's brother, John Gilbert Peniston, pertaining to his sister and the duel. The letter was deciphered and transcribed by family genealogist, Ellen Peniston Rafeedie.  

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*Please take note of the correction links*
The duel: April 16, 2010, May 22, 2011, May 23, 2011

Ellen Stimpson Peniston: pp. 19-21.
The duel: pp. 20-21.

1882: Soapy purchases a street vendors license in Portland, Oregon.
1885: Soapy acts as timekeeper during a boxing match in Rawlins, Wyoming.

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