June 14, 2011

A time capsule in Skagway

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In 1998 I had a custom ink stamp made for the 100th anniversary of Soapy Smith's death. You can see the stamp on the postcard above. I bought a few of the Soapy postcards from Dedman's Photo Shop in Skagway, stamped them and then on July 8 I went to the Skagway post office and had them postmarked.

Front of postcard
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We were having a family reunion so I took one of the postcards and had all the family members sign it. This card was given to Jeff Brady of the Skagway News who in turn gave it to the Skagway Centennial Committee for a time capsule. The capsule was buried in July 1999 inside a stainless steel vault in Centennial Park. It will be dug up in 2099. We will report on that.

Story and list of items in capsule
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Jeff Smith


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