June 9, 2011

More on Ira Ellis Caspar Wistar Smith and the Civil War.

(Please see June 16, 2011)

A little more digging unearthed some new information on the Civil War service of Ira Ellia Caspar Wistar Smith. From the United States Civil War Soldiers Index I found that Ira belonged to the1st Regiment, Company K, Georgia Reserves, also known as Fannin's (Colonel J. H. Fannin). I could find no history for this unit, however in the USGW Archives I was able to find that Ira enlisted as a Senior 2nd Lieutenant on April 27, 1864 in Atlanta, Georgia under Captain W. L. Hubbard for the duration of the War, in which he ranked out as 2nd Lieutenant. Some of the enlisted men records contained physical descriptions and other notes but there was nothing listed for Ira Smith.

June 3, 2011

Jeff Smith


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