June 1, 2011

The Days of '98 Show: Relaying the truth.

Ever since I introduced Michael Baish and Jonathan Baldwin of the Days of '98 Show in Skagway, Alaska to The bloody ballad of Notorious Bad Man Soapy Smith’s wretched and violent demise (love that title) by my good friend, Ed Parrish, things have been changing for the better in that local, at least in regards to us and Soapy Smith.

First, Michael introduced the song into the play. It was so well accepted that my book soon found it's way into their retail merchandise booth.

Not too much later I was informed that the ending of the play, which involves Soapy being shot dead, was being changed to adapt to my book. I did not expect so much change in such a short time and I am ecstatic. Following is what Jonathan Baldwin said.

Hi Jeff,

yes very busy here but in a good way! ... We have you book for sale on our counter....

As for the changes in the show, we've added Ed's song as part of the prologue (no changes in the words) and the ending of the show has changed from naming Frank Reid as the sole shooter To-On July the 8th 1898, just after 9:00 in the evening, Soapy Smith faces Frank Reid and an angry mob on the Juneau Co. Wharf.

In a clumsy and confused skirmish, shots we're fired. When the smoke cleared Soapy lay dead, A bullet piercing his chest. Frank Reid desperately wounded and dispite frantic efforts to save him, died an agonizing 12 days later.

I have also included into our playbill: For more information on these events read the book Alias Soapy Smith, written by Soapy's Great-Grandson Jeff Smith.(available in the Lobby)

Thank you Jonathan!

Ed Parrish's brother, Sam and his wife, Becky went to Skagway on a cruise. Michael Biash, who now sings Ed's ballad several times a day, took Sam and Becky on a tour of Skagway and they said they had a wonderful time, thanks to Michael. They took in the play and stated that the actors show the conflict approaching and then walk outside -- off stage. You hear gunfire, and the narrator is very clear that the results of the gunfight are longer in favor of Reid killing Soapy Smith.

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