June 25, 2011

Ashley Smith: The first Smith to talk to a Reid in 100 years.

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I love this photo! I took my daughter, Ashley, to Seattle, Washington, Juneau, and Skagway, Alaska for a Smith family reunion and the centennial of the Shootout on Juneau Wharf in which Soapy Smith was killed (dare I say murdered?). I knew descendants of Frank Reid, the man who supposedly killed Soapy, would be in Skagway, as well as the grand marshals of the July 4 parade. All morning I prepared Ashley for the meeting. Once we saw the Reid family Ashley and I rushed over to meet them. They were sitting inside a model-T Ford. The plan was that we would both go up to the car but Ashley was to be the first to say something as I wanted her to be the first Smith to have talked to a Reid in 100 years, minus four days. The last Smith was of course Soapy, on July 8. 1898. We approached the car window. They did not know us so they said "hi" to me. I said nothing and gave Ashley a little nudge to say something. Naturally she chose that moment to have an attack of stage fright. The Reid's, having said, "hi," looked at me strange because I said nothing in return and I'm signaling Ashley with my hands to talk. She finally said, "hi," and I busted out laughing. The Reid's thought we were nuts until I explained the reason. The photo above was taken by me just after we finished our very short chat with the Reid's As a whole not many of their clan wish to talk very much to us.   

Ashley Smith:
June 17, 2011
June 12, 2011
December 21, 2009 
November 1, 2009 
July 14, 2009

The Reids:
August 26, 2010
September 18, 2009
September 16, 2009

Ashley Smith: page 2.

1894: four to six members of the Soap Gang arrive in Colorado Springs to operate some street games. They were arrested and warned them to leave town. 
1898: Soapy assaults a miner and is arrested by Marshal Taylor.

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