May 23, 2011

Follow Soapy Smith's Blog!

I have a mere 56 followers who are signed up as "Followers." Quality IS better than quantity but I'm certain (I hope) that I have more people interested and reading this blog on a regular basis. If you are one of these and you have not officially become a "Follower" I ask you to do so. It's not time consuming, difficult or costly, in fact, it's free! It is private so there is no spam or emails sent to your email address. You can sign up using your Google, Yahoo, or Twitter account or make a new one. It's easy but I have made a page with step-by-step instructions for those that wish it. Scroll down the side-bar on your right for the "Follow this blog" link.

Why follow this blog? Because I said so! And, I'd like to see Soapy Smith's official blog have more fans and followers than 56. I want the historical and academic community to take note of Soapy Smith as someone worthy of further study. Please, won't you "follow" this blog?

Jeff Smith


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