May 18, 2011

Carnival Cop dishonest games video

A friend of mine is a retired vice officer who is interested in the world of swindles. He made a very nice DVD on dishonest carnival games and how they cheat you. Youtube has a trailer for the DVD.

For the DVD and other products offered by Police Magic please follow the link

When I saw the video for the first time it brought back a memory from the 1970s, when the Magic Mountain  theme park in Valencia, California first opened.  My parents made deliveries to the park and the buyer let me and my brother go inside the park for free. In those days there were not so many people going there and we had the run of the place. The buyer offered my brother, Greg, an odd job(I was too young). It was odd to me until my father explained everything to me. The park offered to pay my brother to walk around the park all day long with a pretty girl on his arm and carrying the largest stuffed animal prize the park games offered. My brother was offered the position of a booster, to get customers of the park to spend more of their money trying to win the BIG prizes. Chances are those games were not much different than the ones shown in the DVD. The pay was minimum wage plus free admittance to the park, but we lived in Anaheim, which was way to far from Valencia where the park was located.

Booster couple carrying the huge teddy bear prize

1886: Bascomb Smith was quoted as a “young sportsman” of Belton when a man shot his pistol at him, but missed his mark.

Jeff Smith


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