May 19, 2011

Another Soapy Smith book?

Can you believe it? A book was published in 2009 that I did not know about? I received correspondence about my coming article in Wild West magazine that mentioned the book, Terror in the Klondike: The Reign and Death of Soapy Smith, by Mike Coppock and published by Graphic Image Publications. I would love to find a copy of this book if anyone knows where to get one. I Googled it and only found two write-ups. One in True West magazine which reads,

Mike Coppock may be the first Alaskan to write about the con man’s time during the Gold Rush, and that provides some unique insights. But Terror in the Klondike: The Reign and Killing of Soapy Smith (Graphic Image Publications) relies too heavily on previous works, some of which have been discredited. I expect to see better research in the upcoming book by Soapy’s great grandson, Jeff Smith.

The other one was in Google Books which reads,

Mike Coppock - 2009 - 160 pages - No preview
The life of Jefferson "Soapy" Smith from his early years in the American west through his control of Skagway and Wrangell and his death at the age of 38.

I would love to get a copy. Anyone know where they are? Anyone happen to know Mike Coppock?

Jeff Smith


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