April 30, 2011

Toy tells of Soapy Smith's death.

Where in the world can you see and own a toy that advertises Soapy Smith's shootout with vigilante, turned "hero," Frank Reid?

Ask eBay seller Douglas Mackney! I located his auction of the above box car (G scale) and he was gracious enough to send me a bunch of photographs of the item, some of which you see here. It's not a new item, in fact I looked all over the net and could not find another one! If you are interested I suggest you note the ending date of the auction and bid. I wouldn't mind having it in my own Soapy collection. Note that this is a "G scale" train. The box car is about 16" long!

I believe this design comes from a real painting that once existed on the side of a box car. I note that both dates on the tombstones are wrong. Soapy died on July 8, not July 9. Frank Reid died on July 20, not July 9.  

Jeff Smith


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